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  • Цвет: black
  • Вспышка: yes
  • Аксессуары: yes
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Featuring a 360° transparent flash tube, the Godox AD-S200 Stick Flash Head is perfect for illuminating the shooting space, eliminating shadows and revealing details while maintaining the impact of the bare tube. Like the most compact stick flash, it is handy and fits easily in any tight space. The AD-S200 provides a brilliant lighting solution with your AD200/AD200Pro and gives the system new opportunities to experiment, gain experience and make improvements. 


  • 360° light dispersion

  • Compact design

  • Precise and consistent colour temperature

  • For the AD200/AD200Pro.

360° light dispersion

Featuring a 360° transparent light tube design, the AD-S200 provides impeccable light coverage that fills every corner in complex environments such as cars, changing rooms and more. Thanks to its distinctive cylindrical light characteristic, light wraps evenly around your subject, creating soft and natural lighting even without an additional modifier.

Create impact with a direct light source

The AD-S200 delivers light directly from the stick flash without any diffusion, bringing out vibrant colours, bright textiles and intricate details in photos, taking your work to a whole new level.


Compact design, huge possibilities

The compact and versatile design allows the AD-S200 to hide in any small space and integrate discreetly into its surroundings. You can still achieve an ideal lighting effect even in the smallest of spaces.


Precise and consistent colour temperature

The AD-S200 maintains a consistent colour temperature across the entire power range. Whether you're working with a single lamp or a multi-lamp setup, this remarkable instrument faithfully reproduces exact colour temperatures, so you can achieve superior standards more efficiently. 


Controllable light range

The AD-S200 kit includes a metal barndoorn for easy control of the light range from 180° to various smaller angles. The flexibility of the barndoorn allows for more precise light blocking with a clear edge and range.


Sophisticated lighting solution

The AD-S200's high-quality handle is well-designed for comfortable handheld use during on-location shooting. It also has a standard thread on the bottom of the handle for mounting on a lighting tripod, giving you endless ways to create in the studio or on location.


  • Model: AD-S200

  • Flash power: 200Ws

  • Flash CCT: 5800K±200K

  • Dimensions (incl. barndoorn) 625 x 210 x 60 mm

  • Weight (incl. barndoorn): 1.12 kg

  • Standart 2 year warranty

  • Battery/batteries: 3 months warranty

  • Bulbs/flash tube: 0 months warranty

In the box

  • 1 x Godox AD-S200 Stick Flash Head

  • 1 x Barndoorn

  • 1 x Carrybag

  • Цвет: black
  • Вспышка: yes
  • Аксессуары: yes