Аксессуар»Lensgo»Liquid for Lensgo smoke generator – 6x 12 ml»(new)

ID: 70964
  • Аксессуары: yes
  • CREATIVE: yes
  • Спецэффекты: yes
  • Smoke Effect: yes
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A set of six, convenient bottles of spare liquid for the Lensgo Smoke B smoke generator. Each bottle contains 12 ml of a special liquid based on vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. The right proportions of substances guarantee the best smoke density and unparalleled performance. Refilling the tank is simple and fast. Just remove the silicone plug, which is attached to the atomizer, and then, using the precise dispenser, add a small amount of liquid to the indicated level.

Main product features

  • in a set of 6 bottles of special liquid that allows you to generate smoke

  • no toxic ingredients – liquid created on the basis of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol

  • optimal proportions of ingredients ensure fluid efficiency and optimal smoke density

  • hygienic and quick refilling of the tank with liquid


  • model: Lensgo smoke generator liquid

  • capacity: 72 ml (6 bottles of 12 ml each)

  • composition:

    • vegetable glycerin

    • propylene glycol

Contents of the kit

  • smoke generator fluid (6 x 12 ml)

  • Аксессуары: yes
  • CREATIVE: yes
  • Спецэффекты: yes
  • Smoke Effect: yes