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ID: 66905
  • Штатив с головкой: yes
  • Цвет: black
  • Для профеесионалов: yes
  • Производитель: Fotopro
  • Гарантия: 24
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Клубная цена: 19.26 €

The Fotopro RM-80 tripod with MH-8 head is all you need to create an ergonomic workstation for video and live broadcasting. The ball head with unique flip-up grip will allow you to install your camera, sports camera or smartphone. Thanks to its flexible legs, you will not only use it at home, but also in the field. The lack of a flat surface will never again be an obstacle preventing you from recording videos! You can easily wrap the flexible legs around railings or branches for a whole new range of work possibilities. You can also connect two additional accessories (e.g. a microphone and a small LED light) to the tripod using the 1/4″ female thread and cold shoe rail. With this kit, creating vlogs, webinars and streams will become even easier!

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Main product features

  • ideal kit for preparing a vlogger or streamer’s workstation at home and outside

  • Capable of mounting a camera, camcorder or smartphone and 2 additional accessories (e.g. a light and a microphone)

  • a great choice for creators posting on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitch

  • flexible and flexible tripod legs allow it to be installed on railings, balustrades, trellises or tree branches

  • fold-out smartphone holder hidden in the platform located in the ball head

  • Proven way for blur-free selfie shots and stable shots in vlogs

  • maximum working height of 22.3mm

  • cropped ball head allowing filming vertically or horizontally

  • mounting rail allowing the installation of a microphone or small LED lamp via a cold shoe

  • additional mounting point in the form of a 1/4″ female thread located under the head

  • compatible with cameras and sports cameras with 1/4″ female thread and smartphones with a width of 66 to 96 mm

  • anti-skid feet for added stability

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Flexible and flexible legs

The flexible legs, which are the hallmark of the Fotopro RM-80 tripod with MH-8 head, will open up completely new possibilities for personalising your workstation. It’s ideal for those who travel frequently and shoot in locations where a flat surface is difficult to find. Instead of using the tripod in the traditional way, wrap the flexible legs around a small branch, railing or bars, gaining even more interesting shots and the ability to work on any terrain!

Vertical and horizontal recording

You can install a camera, sports camera or smartphone on the tripod. The installation of the latter will be assisted by the unique folding handle. Optimal positioning of the selected device will be ensured by the ball head. Are you recording on YouTube? Or maybe your favourite social media platform is TikTok? The MH-8S ball head will allow you to position your chosen device both vertically and horizontally to match the standards of various applications and services.

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Extended workstation

In order to take care of the high quality of your recordings, it is worth extending your film and photography workstation with additional accessories. The mounting points equipped with the Fotopro RM-80 tripod with MH-8 head will allow you to optimise the space around you. The 1/4″ thread and cold shoe rail will allow you to design the perfect vlogger’s kit. Reach for an extra microphone or LED light and create even better videos by being able to carry your workstation along with all the necessary tools!

Vlogs, webinars and remote learning

Recording vlogs and live streaming ‘hands-on’ is not an easy art. Every time you want to show something to your viewers, friends, students or webinar participants, you risk your smartphone falling out of your hand and jittery frames showing the floor or ceiling disrupting your message. In such situations, it’s worth reaching for the Fotopro RM-80 tripod with MH-8 head, which offers everything a web developer recording in the field, as well as those working from home, lecturers or students, could need.

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  • model: Fotopro RM-80 with MH-8 head – black

  • Photopro RM-80 tripod

    • max. working height: 223 mm

    • dimensions: 49 x 49 x 242 mm

    • weight: 246 g

  • Ball head Fotopro MH-8

    • ball diameter: 23 mm

    • base diameter: 37 mm

    • height: 75 mm

    • adjustable width of handle: 66 to 96 mm

    • weight: 104 g

Kit contents

  • Photopro RM-80 tripod

  •  Fotopro MH-8 ball-head

  • Штатив с головкой: yes
  • Цвет: black
  • Для профеесионалов: yes
  • Производитель: Fotopro
  • Гарантия: 24