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The Smart Studio Flash series Godox has a buzz function. And unlike the anti-preflash models this series can control the cameras equipped with one flash anit-preflash system to flash simultaneously on the second flash. The modeling lamp can be adjusted from "full power" to 1/8 and further works the same as in the larger studio strobes.



- Flash Output: 300W / s 
- Guide Number (ISO 100 / ft): 58 
- Kleurtemperatur: 5400 (± 100K) 
- Working voltage: AC 220V, 60Hz 
- Flash force control: continuously 
- Modeling lamp: 75W / s (adjustable) 
- Recycle time: 0.5-2s 
- Triggering Flash Mode: Sync cable, slave, Test button 
- Triggering Voltage: 5V DC 
- Flash duration: 1/2000 - 1 / 800s 
- Fuse: 5A 
- Sync distance: 11 m 
- Durable aluminum housing 
- powerful yet compact 
- Equipped with buzz function 
- One Fire Anti-preflash system

2 Year Warranty


Summary:Smart Studio Strobe is equipped with buzz function and under its anti-preflash model, it can control the cameras equipped with one fire anti-preflash system to fire synchronously on the second flash. The modeling lamp from full power to 1/8 can work the same as those of large studio flashes.



  • Durable Aluminum Housing
  • High Power in Compact Size
  • Equipped with Buzz Function
  • One Fire Anti-Preflash System
  • LED Precise Power Display
  • Multiple Auto-self Protections





Model 250SDi 300SDi
Max Power(ws) 250WS 300WS
Guide Number(ISO100) 48 58
Flash Power Variation 8 steps
Recycle Time 0.5~2s
Modelling Lamp(w) 75W (adjustable)
Color Temperature 5600K±200K
Trigger Mode Test button,Sync cord,Flash trigger,Slave
Operating voltage 220V/50Hz or 100V~120V/60Hz
Flash Duration 1/2000-1/800s
Triggering Voltage 5V DC
Fuse 5A 5A(220V); 8A(100V~120V)










  • Krāsa: orange
  • Bezvadu vadība: yes
  • Zibspuldzes: yes
  • Jauda ( vatu ): 300