REFLECTOR»Camrock»Camrock FC-1520P rotary diffusion panel 150x200cm»(new)

ID: 72040
  • Krāsa: Translucent
  • Difuzors Softbox: yes
  • Izmērs cm: 150x200cm
  • Svars (gr.): 5300
  • Umbrella & Softbox izmers: 150 x 200cm
  • Ar riteņiem: yes
  • Atstarotāji, difuzori: yes
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Cena: 169.70 143.99 €
Kluba cena: 154.27 €

The Camrock FC-1520P rotating diffusion panel is the perfect solution for photo-video creators looking for an effective way to soften a large beam of light. The sturdy aluminum frame, with impressive dimensions of 2 x 1.5 meters, guarantees durability and light weight. Thanks to the rotating mechanism, you can comfortably control the angle of the beam. With this panel you will get soft and natural lighting without sharp shadows. Assembly of the entire structure is fast and convenient. Integrated casters make it easy to transport and improve the comfort of working on set. Diffusion fabric made of high-quality polyester, attached with Velcro bands, ensures optimal reflection and durability for years to come.

Main Product Features

  • professional diffusion panel with dimensions of 2 x 1.5 m

  • rotating mechanism allows precise control of the angle of incidence of light

  • enables soft, natural lighting

  • helps achieve natural skin tones

  • eliminates harsh shadows and unwanted reflections

  • Aluminum frame guarantees durability and light weight

  • wheels make it easy to transport and ensure mobility on a film or photography set

  • ergonomic frame design guarantees fast and convenient installation

  • diffusion fabric made of high quality polyester

  • attachment of diffusion fabric with bands equipped with Velcro

Precise lighting without compromise

With the Camrock FC-1520P rotating diffusion panel, you will gain even more freedom to shape the perfect light on a film or photography set. The mechanism of operation of the accessory is based on the principle of light diffusion. The panel allows you to diffuse its rays. As a result, you get the effect of softer, more natural lighting, devoid of sharply defined shadows and excessive reflections. In addition, the panel’s rotating mechanism allows you to fine-tune the angle of the light, allowing you to better control the direction and intensity.

Large, lightweight and durable

Thanks to the use of top-quality materials, the Camrock FC-1520P diffusion panel is a choice for years to come. Made of aluminum, the frame is not only durable, but also very lightweight. The impressive dimensions of the panel (2 x 1.5 m) make it ideal for both enthusiasts and professionals working on large film and photography sets.

Optimal light control

The Camrock FC-1520P Rotary Diffusion Panel will allow you to precisely adjust the light for any scene. Thanks to its ability to rotate it around its axis, you have full control over the angle of the rays. With its help you will eliminate unwanted effects such as harsh shadows or excessive reflections. All this will translate into better quality of your photos and videos and save time during post-production.

Convenient mounting

Thanks to the well-thought-out design of the aluminum rack, mounting the entire Camrock FC-1520P panel is not only quick, but also extremely convenient. The unit was designed with simplicity of use in mind. Attaching the diffusion fabric is just a few seconds – just fasten a few Velcro straps and you’re done! With this panel, you don’t have to waste precious time on complicated installation procedures. With just a few moves, you can get the kind of lighting conditions on a film or photography set that your frame requires.

Integrated trolley

The Camrock FC-1520P diffusion panel is equipped with practical casters, which not only make it easy to transport, but also provide convenience when working on set. Thanks to them, you can easily move the entire structure from place to place, adjusting the lighting to changing conditions or scene needs. This is especially useful during those productions where quick response and mobility are crucial in terms of time chasing.

Solid diffusion fabric

The diffusion fabric of the Camrock FC-1520P panel is made of high-quality polyester. Velcro ties allow quick and easy attachment and removal. The fabric will successfully retain its diffusion properties for years to come, providing optimum working comfort. The ability to quickly change the fabric allows you to easily adapt the panel to different conditions or artistic preferences, opening up new creative possibilities.


  • model: Camrock FC-1520P

  • color: silver

  • Material:

    • frame: aluminum alloy

    • diffusion fabric: polyester

  • dimensions: 2 x 1.5 m

  • weight: 5.3 kg

Set contents

  • Camrock FC-1520P rotary diffusion panel

  • transport bag

  • Krāsa: Translucent
  • Difuzors Softbox: yes
  • Izmērs cm: 150x200cm
  • Svars (gr.): 5300
  • Umbrella & Softbox izmers: 150 x 200cm
  • Ar riteņiem: yes
  • Atstarotāji, difuzori: yes