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ID: 71622
  • Materiāls: plastic
  • Krāsa: black
  • Profesionāļiem: yes
  • Ražotājs: Ulanzi
  • Lodveida galva: yes
  • Garantija: 24
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The Ulanzi MT-34 combines the functionality of a tripod and a telescopic selfie stick arm. It features a 1/4″ male thread for mounting a camera or sports camcorder, as well as an integrated flip-up mount compatible with smartphones from 58 to 98mm wide. It is a great choice for vloggers, travellers, photographers, videoconference participants and creatives posting on TikTok or Instagram. The maximum load capacity of the arm is 1.5kg. The telescopic central column allows the length to be adjusted from 26 to 81.5 cm. The manufacturer also took care of details such as an additional cold foot socket, non-slip facings and the possibility to install devices on the ball head vertically or horizontally.

Main product features

  • innovative telescopic arm (“selfie stick”) for smartphones, cameras and sports cameras

  • can also be used as a tripod thanks to the fold-out legs

  • lightweight and compact (measures just 26 cm when folded)

  • 6 extendable sections allowing the arm to be extended up to 81.5 cm

  • ball head for quick locking of the desired position

  • possible to adjust the head at 90º (conveniently changing the position of a smartphone or camera from horizontal to vertical)

  • maximum load capacity is 1.5 kg

  • male 1/4″ thread for camera installation

  • extendable smartphone holder built into the mounting plate that crowns the head

  • grip compatible with smartphones from 58 to 98 mm wide

  • anti-skid lining for better grip and protection of the device installed on the 1/4″

  • cold shoe socket crowning the smartphone holder allows the installation of an additional device (e.g. microphone or LED light)

  • ergonomic handle for a secure grip when held in the hand


Travelling, vlogging and videoconferencing

The Ulanzi MT-34 is a unique combination of a tripod and telescopic arm ‘selfie stick’. The device, which is only 26 cm long when folded, will allow you to record smooth “hand-held” shots, as well as provide adequate stability for your camera or smartphone when recording vlogs, taking photos and participating in e-lectures.

A tripod that turns into a selfie stick

When the device serves you as a tripod, its minimum working height is 26 cm. This size is ideal for video conferences or vlogs recorded at your desk. When you extend all the sections of the central column, the tripod will gain 81.5 cm in length. And when you fold the legs of the device, the Ulanzi MT-34 turns into a “selfie stick” that sits securely in your hand.


Foldable smartphone holder

At first glance, the Ulanzi MT-34 telescopic arm – tripod looks like a device that is only compatible with 1/4″ threads. However, hidden in the mounting plate is a fold-out holder that will allow a smartphone between 5.8 and 9.8 cm wide to be conveniently installed. Its additional advantage is a cold foot socket, on which you can install, for example, a small LED lamp or a microphone. If you post on TikTok or Instagram and take your holiday photos with your smartphone, you will surely love this unique device that will let you forget about unscrewable mounts.


Functional ball head

The Ulanzi MT-34 telescopic arm – tripod features a small ball head, which is topped by a mounting plate compatible with 1/4″ thread. For the safety of your equipment, it is finished with a non-slip lining for a better grip. The rounded cut-out will allow you to position the device installed on the head both vertically and horizontally.



  • model: Ulanzi MT-34

  • material of construction: plastic

  • Mounts:

    • 1/4 “male tripod thread

    • cold shoe socket

  • minimum working height: 26 cm

  • maximum working height: 81.5 cm

  • width of smartphone holder: 58 – 98 mm

  • number of extendable sections: 6

  • lifting capacity: up to 1.5 kg

  • dimensions: 260 x 73 x 32 mm

  • weight: 260 g

Kit contents

  • Telescopic arm – Ulanzi MT-34 tripod

  • Materiāls: plastic
  • Krāsa: black
  • Profesionāļiem: yes
  • Ražotājs: Ulanzi
  • Lodveida galva: yes
  • Garantija: 24