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ID: 48557
  • Krāsa: black
  • Palielināšana: 0,66x
  • Diametrs (mm): 58
4-9 work day
Cena: 172.70 €
The Raynox HD-6600PRO58 is a 58mm high-quality wide angle converter lens especially made for distortion-free images that cover 33% more area than the base lens. Using a sophisticated lens formula that controls color aberrations and produces a resolution power of 350-line/mm at the center, this 0.66x converter fits on lenses with 58mm filter threads and can be used through the full range of a zoom without vignetting.
Magnification 0.66x
Zoom Through Yes
Rear Mount Diameter 58mm
Front Mount Diameter 72mm
Construction, Elements/Groups 3E/3G
Lens Diameter 3.0" (75mm)
Length 1.5" (38mm)
Weight 6.0 oz (170g)

  • Krāsa: black
  • Palielināšana: 0,66x
  • Diametrs (mm): 58