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ID: 72810
  • Montāžas tips: MFT ( micro 4/3 )
  • Sensora Izmērs ": 4/3"
  • Krāsa: black
  • Body / Kit: Body
  • megapixels: 25
  • viewfinder: yes
  • Battery Grips: yes
  • Displeja tips: Fully articulated
  • image stabilization: yes
  • wi-fi: yes
  • Allweather protection: yes
  • touch screen: yes
  • GPS: yes
  • video: UHD 4K
  • Izmērs cm ( L x W x H ): 13.84 x 10.03 x 9.96 cm
  • Svars (gr.): 7321 ( body only )
  • Garantija: 24
  • Kartes tips: CFexpress B
  • Video 4K: yes
  • displey size: 3
pec pasūtījuma
Cena: 2187.50 €

Get ready for raw with the latest Micro Four Thirds Lumix GH7 Mirrorless Camera from Panasonic, which now features ProRes RAW internal recording, 32-bit float recording with the optional DMW-XLR2 audio interface, Adobe Cloud Frame.io compatibility, versatile Open Gate framing, and real-time custom LUTs. This flagship update to the powerful GH6 retains all the valuable existing features, including the same compact form factor, a 25.2MP sensor, 5.7K30 Apple ProRes 422 HQ internal recording, improved AF performance, a 13+ stop dynamic range boost, and 5-axis stabilization to accommodate indie film, pro/consumer photography, documentary, or even as a B-camera in high-end productions.

Key GH7 Updates

  • Newly equipped with Apple ProRes RAW internal recording and 32-bit float recording for dramatic enhancements in the speed and quality of video production

  • 25.2MP BSI CMOS sensor with 13+ stop dynamic range boost with rich gradation for vibrant, detailed photos and videos

  • There's no longer a need to adjust audio recording levels during shooting - with 32-bit float recording using the optional DMW-XLR2 adapter and internal recording of 5.7K 30p Apple ProRes 422 HQ and Apple ProRes RAW HQ

  • Upload still images and proxy videos directly to the Adobe Cloud Frame.io platform.

  • One shot for all social media platforms in all aspect ratios via Open Gate for superior resolution and heightened detail

  • Improved AF performance with Phase Detection Autofocus by adding real-time recognition AF for Human/Animal/Car/Motorcycle/Train/Airplane

  • Real-time custom LUTs to apply new color expressions

Flagship Imaging Platform

High-Resolution 25.2MP Sensor, 5.7K Raw Video

Redesigned from the ground up, this sensor improves upon its predecessors in the GH Series with new silicone and software. It has an improved 13+ stops of dynamic range boost despite its reduced cell size due to the increased number of pixels on the Micro Four Thirds sensor. Use a CFexpress Type B card to internally record 5.7K Apple ProRes 422 HQ and ProRes RAW HQ, or the SD slot can capture up to 10-bit 4K120p footage. The ability to record high bitrates and an unlimited recording time set this camera apart from any of its predecessors.

For maximum sharpness, the sensor is unhindered by a low-pass filter; it smooths out any moiré through intelligent detail processing from its updated Venus engine. Relying on its next-generation image stabilization, this camera synthesizes eight distinct images into a single 100MP image - all without requiring a tripod.

Lightning-Fast Sensor Readout

The Venus Engine has twice the power of previous generations, which enables 75 fps burst shooting or up to 240 fps variable frame rate (VFR) slow motion video footage. The Venus Engine's fast sensor readout limits the rolling shutter distortion to keep skyscrapers vertical when shooting from an automobile's action mount or to capture slow motion footage of quickly moving objects.

Stabilization: In-Body, Sensor-Shift

  • In-body, sensor-shift, 5-axis image stabilization is obtained with a high-precision gyro-sensor and a stabilization algorithm. At all focal lengths, this stabilization technology offers 7.5 stops of deviance from the shutter speed dictated by the reciprocal rule.

  • Sensor-shift technology works seamlessly with the optical image stabilization of Panasonic lenses. Electronic stabilization is available who those who accept the slight cropping effect it requires. Boost I.S. mode is the most extreme form of electronic stabilization, simulating a shot locked off on a tripod.

AF & AE Highlights

  • The processing speed of the autofocus has been tripled, powering the 315-area contrast-detection depth-from-defocus (DFD) system. The updated algorithm calculates the distance to your subject and predicts whether it is moving closer or further away from the camera, anticipating where it will be for the following frame. It functions by collecting data from several focal planes, then creating a 3D, real-time depth map.

  • The subject-tracking focusing system also supports face, eye, head, body, and animal recognition. The autofocus will automatically switch from body recognition to face, then eye recognition as the subject approaches the camera for improved sharpness.

  • The Focus Limiter, Manual Focus Assist, and an updated joystick enable quick and precise focusing. Zone AF is a less obstructive overlay, and Face Priority in Multi Metering prevents unwanted exposure changes.

Professional-Grade High Bitrate Video

Limitless Latitude

  • 5.7K30 recording is supported in the high-quality Apple ProRes 422 HQ/ProRes 422 and ProRes RAW codecs for visually lossless, high bitrate footage well-suited for intense manipulation in post-production. ProRes 422 HQ/ProRes 422 is also supported in DCI 4K and FHD at up to 60p.

  • The GH7 supports unlimited recording up to DCI 4K at 60p with 4:2:2 10-bit sampling for pristine detail and depth in color grading.

Preserve 13+ Stops of Detail

  • Shooting in V-Log and V-Gamut will give you 12+ stops of dynamic range, which can be increased to 13+ stops by activating its dual-analog gain circuits with Dynamic Range Boost Mode. One circuit using ISO 800 absorbs the richness of the visible spectrum while maintaining detail in the highlights, and ISO 2000 captures low-noise gradients of black in the shadows.

  • The well-exposed picture is composited once passing through the Image Synthesis Dedicated Circuit. This makes it different from a dual-native design because you're not selecting one ISO or the other, but both are working in tandem. Dynamic Range Boost Mode is available for footage shot up to 60 fps.

Unlimited Recording Times

Panasonic recognizes the importance of shooting extended clips and has designed the GH7 to not have a maximum record time. Extended takes like interviews and live events can be recorded in their entirety, reducing sync errors, and simplifying data management. This is made possible by a fan-driven active cooling design that radiates heat away from the sensor.

Intelligent Image Processing

3D noise reduction is achieved by comparing three sequential frames, then automatically scrubbing the noise which appears in only one of the three frames. Intelligent detail processing eliminates the need for a low-pass filter and smooths fine details like hair and wires to minimize moiré patterns.

Flat Profile & Expansive Color Space

Edit seamlessly with VariCam cameras with accurate color reproduction and subtle gradations from dark areas to highlights. V-log and Hybrid Log Gamma preserve the maximum amount of data, leaving your colorist with plenty of latitude to shape the aesthetic with creative LUTs. The GH7 supports both .CUBE and .VLT formats for V-Log View Assist in real time to approximate the final look of your deliverable.

Raw Recording via HDMI

In addition to internal recording to the CFexpress card, the GH7 supports 12-bit raw video output in 5.7K, DCI 4K, and Anamorphic 5.8K and 4.4K formats via HDMI when recording to Atomos Ninja V and V+ external recorders in ProRes RAW.

Anamorphic Versatility

  • Record open gate with the 4:3 sensor for 5.8K 30p 4:2:0 10-bit and 4.4K 60p 4:2:0 10-bit video.

  • Store up to 10 anamorphic lenses on the GH7 for quick swaps and ready-to-view, desqueezed footage. Images can be desqueezed in cinescope size. Magnification rate is also selectable from 1.30x, 1.33x, 1.5x, 1.8x, or 2.0x.

  • The Image Stabilizer Anamorphic setting is ideal for using an anamorphic lens. To properly interpret the visual information for stabilization processing, select from 1.30x, 1.33x, 1.5x, 1.8x or 2.0x depending on the lens magnification.

Super-Slow Motion

By shooting in high frame rate (HFR) 4K you can boost your frame rate to 120p, or 1080p will give you 240p to play with. Autofocus remains available to actively make changes while recording up to 200 fps.

Instant Back-Up

Simultaneous internal and external recording via the HDMI port broadens your options for redundancy and storage, particularly convenient when shooting live events over an hour long. Record in resolutions up to DCI 4K in 17:9 with a bit depth up to 4:2:2, 10-bit, and frame rates up to 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, 24p.

High-Fidelity Sound

Enhanced audio features enable high-quality audio recording. The GH7 is always ready to capture 48 kHz 24-bit with its built-in mic. Boost that to 96 kHz 24-bit with an external mic. For recording interviews with multiple mics, HDMI will output 4-channels of audio data. The GH7 also supports 32-bit float recording, which does not require adjustment of the sound recording level during shooting.

Scopes & Assists

  • The Waveform monitor, Vectorscope, and Luminance spot meter feed you vital information about your levels.

  • Time lapse video interval capture is customizable for both shooting and playback durations, complete with exposure smoothing.

  • Focus Transition, Frame Indicator, and Frame Marker improve the workflow in both production and post-production.

  • Safety Zone Marker, Vertical Position Information, Center Marker Options, and Enlarged Live Display help keep your action properly oriented, centered, and in focus.

Photography Capabilities

Hybrid Strength

Though Lumix is known for stellar video production, it excels as a hybrid camera with its 100MP stills, a wide dynamic range, 7.5 stops of dual image stabilization, and continuous shooting up to 75 fps with an electronic shutter.

100MP Shots

Image stabilization technology enables 8 consecutive stills to be synthesized into one high-resolution, 100MP image without the use of a tripod. Dynamic Range Boost Mode is automatically engaged in all photo modes.

Clean Details in Low Light

Details are retained and color noise is reduced, even when shooting in dimly lit conditions that require high ISO. When conditions are less than ideal, 2D noise reduction gives your photos a more natural and three-dimensional quality.

Shutter Flexibility

Manually select between several shutter modes depending on your needs: a mechanical shutter type, electronic front curtain type, electronic shutter type, electronic shutter type with noise reduction after shooting at a slow shutter speed, or let the camera automatically switch the shutter type depending on the conditions and shutter speed.

Rapid-Fire for Three Seconds

Achieve 75 fps burst shooting (AFS, electronic shutter) while maintaining 25.2MP due to the fast readout speed of the GH7 sensor and the superior processing power of the new Venus Engine. The high sensor readout speed reduces rolling shutter distortion. Shoot 75 fps with an electronic shutter and AFS or 14 fps with a mechanical shutter and AFS. With AFC, you can shoot at up to 8 fps with a mechanical shutter or 7 fps with an electronic shutter.


  • Several picture profiles are included to save time editing, including L. Classic Neo, a film-like effect with a nostalgic, soft coloring. L. Monochrome S is a black and white effect with a gentle touch suited to portraits. Cinelike modes have a film-like finishing touch using a gamma curve to prioritize dynamic range or contrast.

  • For professional control, V-Log's flat profile is available when taking stills. Manually adjust the contrast, saturation, and sharpness and save it as My Photo Style 1-10 for a detailed profile down to the ISO and white balance.

  • Sharing with colleagues and different platforms is made easy with compatibility with the Adobe Cloud Frame.io platform.

  • Shoot in all aspect ratios via Open Gate for superior resolution and heightened detail for sharing in social media and all platforms.

Streaming Capabilities

The GH7 can stream directly via Wi-Fi, USB tethering, or wired Ethernet LAN. It supports:

  • up to 1920 x 1080p59.94 via Wi-Fi via RTMP / RTMPS

  • up to UHD 4K29.97 / 1920 x 1080p59.94 via USB tethering via RTMP / RTMPS

  • up to UHD 4K59.94 via wired LAN using RTP / RTSP

Professional and Reliable Design

High-Definition TFT LCD

The free-angle 3" 1.84m-dot LCD screen tilts toward the shooter, enabling high- and low-angle shots, as well as positions in tight corners that would otherwise be extremely difficult to properly frame and focus your camera. It features high contrast, high brightness, and high visibility even under strong sunlight. Additionally, its intuitive design uses static touch control and has an improved locking mechanism for easier use.

Intelligent OLED Eyepiece

The 3.68m-dot OLED Live Viewfinder has a 0.76x-equivalent magnification for bright, realistic eye-level monitoring.

CFexpress Type B & SD

The dual card slot provides options dependent on the bitrate of your shoot. The CFexpress Type B slot is necessary to record higher bitrate formats like Apple ProRes RAW and 422 HQ and 800 Mb/s 4:2:2 10-bit ALL-Intra footage. The SD card slot records bitrates up to 600 Mb/s when using high performance UHS-II U3 Class 10 SD cards.

SSD Recording Over USB

Both video and stills can be recorded and played back using an external SSD when connected via the USB-C port. This enables saving to larger capacity drives and working with media that's immediately compatible with most post-production workflows.

Danger: High Voltage

The GH7 takes DMW-BLK22 lithium-ion battery and provides approximately 360 shots per charge.

Weatherproof Below Freezing

The body of the GH7 is engineered to keep out precipitation and dust down to 14°F. Despite its sealed design, heat dispersal is attained through an electric fan, heat sink, and frame that radiates heat away from the sensor, engine, and memory card.

Ergonomic Optimization

  • Spend less time rummaging through digital menus by using its dual ring selectors to find your preferred shooting mode. The design of the camera incorporates dedicated buttons for key features like the zoomed-in manual focus assist box and audio information button for quick adjustments of the levels.

  • An additional video record button on the face of the GH7 is more accessible when mounted on a shoulder rig. The camera is designed to be as small and lightweight as possible, increasing its compatibility with motorized gimbals and commercial drones (available separately).

Wireless & Remote Control

  • To expand the flexibility of data transfers and remote control, wireless options are built into the design. Wi-Fi 5GHz and Bluetooth v5.0 enable the transfer of photos and footage to a cell phone, which can then be beamed to a news station. Updating the camera's firmware can be accomplished wirelessly via a smartphone.

  • Remotely control up to 12 GH7 cameras via and LUMIX Tether app via USB. Adjust settings like the metering mode, recording quality, and focus mode, then transfer the footage to the computer after recording. When prepping those cameras, save time and reduce errors by using the Lumix SYNC app to wirelessly match the recording settings.


  • This camera provides options to connect to external devices. The USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C enables data transfers of 10Gb/s, powers the camera, or charges the battery. The HDMI Type-A port feeds the footage to an external recorder, or the hot shoe mount connects to an XLR expansion device like the DMW-XLR2 (available separately).

  • A 3.5mm headphone jack is located on the side of the camera, above the 3.5mm headphone jack. On the front of the camera, a flash synchro socket doubles as a timecode in/out when using the included BNC converter cable.


Panasonic GH7

Augstas veiktspējas video

Panasonic Lumix GH7 ir jaunākais slavenās Lumix GH sērijas papildinājums, kas turpina inovāciju mantojumu. Panasonic GH modeļi, kas pazīstami ar savām izcilajām video iespējām, ir bijuši daudzu radošo profesionāļu izvēle kopš 2014. gada, kad GH4 debitēja kā pirmā bezspoguļa sistēmas kamera, kas spēj uzņemt 4K.

Izcila hibrīda veiktspēja

Lumix GH7 ir jaudīga hibrīda kamera, kas izceļas gan video, gan fotoattēlu uzņemšanā. Tā ir aprīkota ar nesen izstrādātu 25,2 MP BSI CMOS sensoru, kas nodrošina vairāk nekā 13 pieturpunktu dinamisko diapazonu. Tas nodrošina precīzu krāsu atveidi, detalizētus toņu līmeņus un efektīvu trokšņu apstrādi. Kameras attēla stabilizators nodrošina līdz pat 7,5 pieturzīmju stabilizāciju, kompensējot spēcīgu kameras drebēšanu pat pie lēnākiem slēdža ātrumiem. Uzlabotā PDAF autofokusa sistēma ļauj viegli un precīzi noteikt, identificēt, fokusēt un izsekot dažādus objektus.

Paplašinātas video iespējas

Neraugoties uz kompakto izmēru, Lumix GH7 ir aprīkota ar inovatīvām video funkcijām, kas parasti ir atrodamas lielākās kamerās. Lietotāji var ierakstīt iekšēji 5,7K 30p ProRes 422 HQ un ProRes RAW HQ (CFExpress) formātā. Iespēja vienlaicīgi ierakstīt proxy failus uzlabo datu pārsūtīšanas, rediģēšanas un pēcapstrādes efektivitāti. Filmēšana 5,8K atvērtajos vārtos nodrošina elastīgu kadrēšanu, ļaujot no viena kadra uzņemt visus attēla formātus.

Neierobežota ierakstīšana un novatorisks dizains

Pateicoties inovatīvai konstrukcijai, kurā izmantots grafīts ar augstu siltumvadītspēju, siltums tiek efektīvi izvadīts visā magnija sakausējuma korpusā, ko palīdz nodrošināt dzesēšanas ventilators. Tas samazina siltuma veidošanos, ļaujot neierobežoti ierakstīt video C4K/60P formātā bez pārkaršanas problēmām. GH7 ir arī reālā laika LUT funkcija, kas ļauj lietotājiem ielādēt un piemērot oriģinālos LUT failus tieši videoklipiem un fotoattēliem, saglabājot līdz pat 39 dažādām LUT, lai veiktu daudzpusīgu krāsu gradāciju.

Uzlabota savienojamība un audio

GH7 ir nevainojami integrējama ar platformu Frame.io Camera to Cloud, kas nodrošina efektīvu rediģēšanu un sadarbību. Pieslēdzoties internetam, izmantojot Wi-Fi vai USB pieslēgumu, attēlus un proxy video var automātiski augšupielādēt, racionalizējot ražošanas un pēcapstrādes procesu. Turklāt DMW-XLR2 mikrofona adapteris, kas tika izlaists kopā ar GH7, piedāvā pasaulē pirmo 32 bitu plūstošo audioierakstu DSLR kamerām, nodrošinot neierobežotas iespējas pēcapstrādes procesā, lai sasniegtu perfektu skaņas kvalitāti.

Kopējās specifikācijas:

  • 25,2 MP BSI CMOS sensors ar vairāk nekā 13 soļu dinamisko diapazonu

  • Apple ProRes iekšējā ierakstīšana

  • 32 bitu float audio ierakstīšanas iespēja

  • Uzlabots PDAF autofokuss

  • Uzglabā līdz pat 39 dažādām LUT

  • Var izmantot kā straumēšanas kameru

  • Kompakts, izturīgs, pret laikapstākļiem izturīgs magnija korpuss

  • Montāžas tips: MFT ( micro 4/3 )
  • Sensora Izmērs ": 4/3"
  • Krāsa: black
  • Body / Kit: Body
  • megapixels: 25
  • viewfinder: yes
  • Battery Grips: yes
  • Displeja tips: Fully articulated
  • image stabilization: yes
  • wi-fi: yes
  • Allweather protection: yes
  • touch screen: yes
  • GPS: yes
  • video: UHD 4K
  • Izmērs cm ( L x W x H ): 13.84 x 10.03 x 9.96 cm
  • Svars (gr.): 7321 ( body only )
  • Garantija: 24
  • Kartes tips: CFexpress B
  • Video 4K: yes
  • displey size: 3