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ID: 72796
  • Color: white
  • Manufacturer: CAMROCK
  • Other: yes
  • Warranty: 24
  • For SmartPhone: yes
  • Tripod: yes
  • For iPhon , iPad: yes
  • Accessories: yes
  • Holder: yes
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Price: 24.96 €

The Ulanzi JJ02-B is more than just a “selfie stick.” It’s a 3-in-1 device that also converts into a tripod or grip for your smartphone. Thanks to its fold-out legs, the arm will provide you with excellent stability when recording vlogs or videos posted on Instagram or TikTok. Using the included Bluetooth remote paired with your smartphone, you can remotely trigger your camera’s shutter or start recording, from up to 10 meters away. The mount provides the freedom to mount the device – both vertically and horizontally. The non-slip lining guarantees a secure grip, and the cold shoe slots allow you to mount additional accessories. Discover new possibilities for working with your smartphone with the Ulanzi JJ02-B – a professional tool to support you while creating photo-video content.

Main Product Features

  • telescopic arm (“selfie stick”) for smartphones

  • thanks to its fold-out legs, it can function as a tripod

  • when folded, it’s a functional grip that provides a firm grip on your smartphone

  • bluetooth remote control compatible with Android, iOS and Harmony OS for remote shutter release or start recording

  • remote control from up to 10 meters away

  • special slot to store Bluetooth remote control

  • lightweight and compact (measures just 20 cm when folded)

  • 4 extendable sections allow you to extend the arm up to 38.5 cm

  • extendable handle designed to work with smartphones 6 to 8.5 cm wide

  • possibility to rotate the smartphone holder 360º (option to work vertically or horizontally)

  • possibility to tilt the smartphone holder within 225º

  • anti-skid lining for better grip and protection of your smartphone

  • 2 cold shoe slots allow mounting of additional accessories (such as microphone and LED light)

  • ergonomic grip for a secure grip when holding in hand

  • maximum load capacity is 0.5 kg

Travel, vlogs and photos

The Ulanzi JJ02-B is a unique combination of a tripod and telescopic arm “selfie stick”. The device, which is only 26 cm long when folded, will allow you to record smooth “handheld” shots, as well as provide adequate stability for your camera or smartphone when recording vlogs, taking photos and participating in remote lessons.


Remote smartphone operation

When you’re making videos, taking photos or doing live broadcasts, sometimes you need extra support. The pocket-sized Bluetooth remote included with the Ulanzi JJ02-B tripod will become your personal assistant. When paired with a smartphone, the device will allow you to remotely press the shutter button of your camera or start recording video footage. This small controller will give you independence, and start recording or shooting session will be even faster. In addition, the mount is equipped with a special mounting point for the remote control, which will certainly make it difficult for you to lose it.

Pod and selfie stick in one

When the device serves you as a tripod, its minimum working height is 22 cm. Such dimensions are ideal for video conferences or vlogs recorded at your desk. When you extend all the sections of the central column, the tripod will gain 36.5 cm in length. And when you fold down the device’s legs, the Ulanzi JJ02-B turns into a “selfie stick” with a maximum length of 38.5 cm, which fits securely in your hand and makes it easy to film yourself/yourself.



With the Ulanzi JJ02-B tripod, your smartphone will be even more comfortable to use. After folding the telescopic arm, you can turn the device into an ergonomic grip for a more secure grip. This not only means greater stability when shooting or recording, but also improved comfort when using your device for a longer period of time. With a professional grip, you can freely explore the cinematic and photographic capabilities of your smartphone, completely as if it were a professional camera.

Foldable smartphone holder

Telescopic Arm – The Ulanzi JJ02-B tripod features a fold-out mount that will allow you to comfortably install a smartphone that is 6 to 8.5 cm wide. Its additional advantage is 2 cold foot sockets, on which you will install, for example, a small LED lamp and a microphone. If you post on TikTok or Instagram and take vacation photos with your smartphone, you’ll love your new mount for its versatility and functionality!

Vertical and horizontal

A smartphone holder that crowns a telescoping arm, the Ulanzi JJ02-B tripod is designed to be as versatile as possible. Thanks to its swivel smartphone clamp, you can install your device both vertically and horizontally. The unit is also tiltable, which will allow you to set the frame at the right angle. Whether you’re recording video content or taking photos, the mount will provide stability and convenience in any situation.


  • model: Ulanzi JJ02

  • color: black

  • material of construction: plastic, aluminum alloy, silicone

  • Mounts:

    • male tripod thread 1/4″

    • cold shoe socket

  • Remote control:

    • technology: Bluetooth

    • range: up to 10 m

    • remote power supply: CR1225 battery (3 V, 48 mAh)

    • compatible operating systems: iOS, Android, Harmony OS

  • Working height (selfie stick):

    • minimum: 200 mm

    • maximum: 385 mm

  • working height (tripod unfolded):

  • minimum: 220 mm

  • maximum: 365 mm

  • width of smartphone holder: 60 – 85 mm

  • number of extendable sections: 4

  • lifting capacity: up to 500 g

  • dimensions: 105 x 57 x 31 mm

  • weight: 118 g

Kit contents

  • telescopic arm – Ulanzi JJ02-B tripod

  • remote control (Bluetooth)

  • allen wrench

  • Color: white
  • Manufacturer: CAMROCK
  • Other: yes
  • Warranty: 24
  • For SmartPhone: yes
  • Tripod: yes
  • For iPhon , iPad: yes
  • Accessories: yes
  • Holder: yes