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ID: 52286
  • Kartes tips: CFexpress
  • Atmiņas apjoms GB: 64
  • Profesionāļiem: yes
  • Ražotājs: DELKIN
  • Garantija: limited lifetime
Cena: 253.01 177.11 €
Kluba cena: 199.99 €

The Delkin CFexpress Memory Card combines industrial strength & reliability with unmatched performance. Utilizing a 3rd generation PCI Express interface (as well as supporting NVM Express), the CFexpress card boasts recording speeds up to 1000 MB/s for flawless cinema-quality video capture, including DCI 4K & Full HD video at 180 fps.

It also supports continuous-burst shooting of up to 200 RAW images without delay. Never again do you need to worry about missing out on those precious split-second moments!

Streamlined Workflow
Capable of offloading data at speeds reaching up to 1600 MB/s, the CFexpress card ensures the quickest, most efficient data transfer from card to computer for immediate access to your files and sooner post-production start time. This is ideal for photographers and videographers who need to quickly unload large amounts of data and get back to shooting.

Tested for Compatibility
Each CFexpress card has undergone extensive testing to ensure full functionality and performance in today’s high-end hosts. Delkin CFexpress is the card you can trust for fast, reliable photo & video capture. It is important to note though that CFexpress cards are not backwards compatible with devices using Compact Flash or Cfast.

Durable Design & Lifetime Warranty
Built to endure even the most strenuous shooting environments, Delkin's CFexpress card is durably designed to be shockproof, magnet proof, X-ray proof, anti-static, UV-guarded and resistant to extreme temperatures. Each card is also backed by a Lifetime Warranty.



  • Available in 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB storage capacity
  • 2933X speed rating
  • Records 4K & Full HD 1080p video at high frame rates
  • Ideal for continuous bursts in RAW
  • Unique serial number for each card for added safety


Read / Write speed

128 GB
Read Speed: max 1450 MB/s
Write Speed: max 450 MB/s

256 GB
Read Speed: max 1550 MB/s
Write Speed: max 900 MB/s

512 GB
Read Speed: max 1600 MB/s
Write Speed: max 1000 MB/s

  • Kartes tips: CFexpress
  • Atmiņas apjoms GB: 64
  • Profesionāļiem: yes
  • Ražotājs: DELKIN
  • Garantija: limited lifetime