Tīrīšanas piederumi»FUJIN»Fujin digiCLEANER Nikon-F Kamera body cleaner»(new)

ID: 49861
  • Garantija: 12
  • Montāžas tips: Nikon-F
4-9 work day
Cena: 178.21 143.99 €


  • Suitable for Canon EOS / Nikon-F
  •  requires 4 x AAA batteries for operation


Product Description to S + M digiCLEANER Canon EOS/Nikon-F Fujin Camera body cleaner 


Fujin digiCLEANER cleans the camera body from the inside.

Filtered air is sucked in from the outside, cleans the inner camera housing and is ejected again.


  • Garantija: 12
  • Montāžas tips: Nikon-F